Obedience training and behavior problem solving

Do you want your dog to behave better at home and in public?  

Do you want a peaceful, stress-free home environment?

Would you like to enjoy spending time with your dog, and not see it as a hassle?

Would you like to be able to trust your dog more?

A well-trained dog means less stress and more peace at home. You will actually enjoy your dog more, and want to include them in more of your daily activities.  Walks will be pleasant, and the neighbors won't give you awkward glances.  Best of all, you will be able to trust your dog, both around the house and out in the world.

Bringing a dog into your family can enrich your life. Dogs bring joy to us in so many ways. They give us affection, cheer us up when we're feeling down, motivate us to get out in the fresh air, even lengthen our lives. But dogs don't always know how to behave in a human household. Without proper guidance, a dog that was supposed to bring joy to your life can instead cause a headache. An over-excited dog can be a nuisance or even an embarrassment when guests visit. A destructive dog may have to be confined before you can leave the house. A leash-puller can give you a sore shoulder, or even skinned knees.

Dogs don't come with the knowledge and skills to conduct themselves properly in our homes and in our lives.  The good news is they can learn. We can teach them.

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